Restoring factory firmware on Asus WL-500g Deluxe

If you have installed OpenWrt Backfire on your Asus WL-500g Deluxe and want to restore the factory firmware than this guide is for you.

Device: Asus WL-500g Deluxe
CPU: Broadcom 5365
RAM: 32 MB
Flash: 4 MB
Network: 4 + 1 ports (10/100 Mb/s)
IP address:

Software on router before

OpenWrt Backfire
Version: 10.03.1 (r33081)

Software on router after

WL-500gD English Firmware

Host operation system is Fedora 19 (64 bit).
If you are not using Fedora 19, you should virtualize it:
Installing Fedora 19 (64 bit) in VirtualBox

I presume that you can communicate with your router.


  1. Go to Asus Support site:
    Type “wl-500g deluxe” in Model Name Search box
    Click Searchasus_support_search
  2. Click “WL-500g Deluxe
  3. Select WinXP as OS
  4. Click Firmware
  5. Click “Global” in the Version frame to download the firmware
    If it doesn’t work here is a copy of it one my site:
  6. Decompress the firmware
    $ unzip
  7. Check firmware checksum
    $ sha1sum WL500gx_1.9.6.0_EN.trx

    It should return:
    a273a7e7c5278d4eb76c53c20492a772187ced59  WL500gx_1.9.6.0_EN.trx

Firmware update

  1. Copy this file in the router
    $ scp WL500gx_1.9.6.0_EN.trx root@

    Note: My router IP address is, change it to your router IP address in all commands

  2. Login to your router
    $ ssh root@

    Enter your password.

  3. Write the firmware to flash
    root@OpenWrt:~# mtd -r write /tmp/WL500gx_1.9.6.0_EN.trx linux


  4. Wait until “Rebooting …” appears
    Note: If you have configured your router as an OpenFlow switch before using my guide than you have to pull out the LAN cable from WAN port now and plug into a LAN port (eg. LAN1).
  5. Go to in your browser
    user: admin
    password: admin

    Press Enter


Congratulation! You have just restored the original firmware.

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